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Do you have what it takes to be Commish?

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Fantasy Football League Commissioners have a responsibility that surpasses clicking “create league” on their website of choice. When you decide to take on the role of Commissioner of a money

league or a highly competitive league, you should be aware of the difficult situations that can and will arise. When competitors and money are involved, there will be questions and concerns that Commish is expected to handle immediately and decisively. Decisions will have to be made with confidence and strength if you want to prevent chaos.

Be honest with yourself.

Are you someone who hates making decisions? Do you avoid confrontation at all costs? Do you dislike planning events? If you answered yes to any or all those questions, running a fantasy league may not be for you. Otherwise, if you are organized, a leader, can communicate well, and have a passion for fantasy football, then step right up, Commish! Your league members will rely on you to be responsible, knowledgeable, and the dedicated leader of the league.

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