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Sound the Alarms! How to avoid the mid-season collapse?

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Did your team go from performing great to looking terrible in a matter of a few weeks due to injuries to the top contributors on your team? Don’t panic. You’re not alone, and we can fix this. This is an opportunity to gain an advantage against the other teams in your league who are facing the same issue. The difference is…you can be aggressive while they sit around and make excuses as to why their team sucks.

1. Assess your roster. Look for positions where you are strong, in particular with a player with name value. Players who used to be good carry trade value based on what they used to do. Some fantasy managers are hooked on certain players who have treated them well in the past, and often times they are willing to pay up for that player. Take advantage of that. Good fantasy managers know their league. It’s important to store information about certain managers that tend to stick to certain players or players from certain teams. Here’s your chance to flip a popular name for someone who actually contributes.

2. Ditch the popular QB. If you are sitting with a top-tier QB who is a lock each week, but are struggling at RB, flip the QB for a RB and stream QBs week to week. Top tier QBs are safe and make things easy to set it and forget it. However, now is the time to work your team back to contention. Each week, look at your waiver wire for a QB with a good match up to plug and play. Remember, it’s always easier to find a QB on the waiver wire that can get you through the week than it is to find a RB, so if you can turn a top-tier QB into an RB1, you can make up those points from the wire on a weekly basis.

3. Look ahead. Set yourself up with streaming QBs and Defenses before others have a chance to grab them. If you know that you have a bye week coming up, check the match up for a streaming option in advance. Roster that player so you don’t get sniped trying to play the waiver wire on the week you need that player. Any position that you stream, you can stay ahead of it by looking at player match ups in advance and rostering the players the week before anyone else is looking at them.

4. Play defense. Always know your upcoming opponents’ needs and tendencies. If your opponent streams QBs or Tight Ends, you can roster the best option on the waiver wire before your opponent gets them. If that player is on your bench, he isn’t earning points for your opponent.

5. Don’t stop working. Until you are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, you are still in the hunt. It’s not uncommon to rattle off 6,7, or 8 wins in a row. We all know, once you are in the dance, anything can happen. Stay diligent and always look for ways to gain an advantage.

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