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Make the Trade! Veto the Veto!

Updated: May 24, 2021

Do trades in your league always end up with league members complaining or mad about it? Many leagues’ standard settings require members of the league to vote to approve a trade between members in the league.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why in the world do other people get to determine the fate of MY team?” Even more ridiculous is that the people voting on what I can do with MY team are my competitors who will more than likely not want to see my team get better. Commissioners must do a better job in taking on this responsibility of trades. In money leagues, members are paying $20, $50, $100 or even more money to be able to join a league, build a team, manage it, and compete for a championship. Why should someone else, or a group of others who are competing against you, get to determine how you manage your team? Right! They should not. Seems ludicrous when you say it out loud, right?

Most of these rules are in place for beginners to prevent people from getting taken advantage of. I get it. But if you are in a league where there are no beginners, the veto rule needs to go away.

You should be able to manage your team the way that you want. Just because someone else thinks the trade is “not fair”, that does not mean they should prevent you from making the trade. It’s your team. You know your strengths and weaknesses. You know your risks. But NO ONE knows what will happen in the future. Previous stats should absolutely be considered when making a deal for a trade. However, strictly taking two players stats and comparing them is not the end all way in determining the “fairness” of a trade. Only the members involved in the trade need to agree on it. If both members of a trade feel like their team is getting better by the trade, that is all that should matter for a trade to be approved.

Collusion – The only reason a trade should be prevented. If league members are trying to build a super team, then of course, the commissioner needs to step in and prevent the trade. Any other types of collusion should also be prevented. Otherwise, trade away.

Commissioners -- Remember, this is supposed to be fun. League restrictions have a direct relationship with how fun the league is.

The formula goes like this: More Restrictions = Less Fun.

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